About Us


We are a skincare brand inspired by the nature, lifestyle and women of the Mediterranean.

The wisdom, strength and joyous lifestyle of Mediterranean women were our guides from brand design to product packaging, from choosing organic essential oils to deciding on scent notes.

Mitera Botanicals is founded by two Mediterranean women, one is a pharmacist and the other one is a business doctor. 


A Mediterranean Dream

Mitera Botanicals is a skincare brand inspired by Mediterranean women and lifestyle, founded by two mediterranean women.

We take our name Mitera from Greece, meaning “mother”. Because mother nature is the root and stem, our start and finish, the constitution of our brand.

We choose our oils and plants from Mediterranean region, especially in Turkey that has over 3000 rare endemic plants. We created our packaging with a love for art, designed by a local artist in order to give you joy everyday.

Our formulations are inspired from mediterranean ancient aromatherapy, then improved with modern medical scientific datas.

We take our love for art and beauty from France.

We take our chill and passion from Italy.

We take power and grace from all Mediterranean women.