Mitera Botanicals is a skincare brand inspired by Mediterranean nature, lifestyle and women.

We designed easy-to-use and joyful products with the aim to deliver ancient botanical wisdom to more people in harmony with the skin, nature and budget.


Emine İ. Emine İ.

When you mist it before the meeting, it seems to take all the tension and enliven. It is very practical and does not harm make-up. The lemony and orange blossom scent is incredibly good. Very nice product, I am very satisfied.

Aslı Y. Aslı Y.

The moisture and freshness it gives to the face creates a relaxing effect. I was nervous that it would not smell good, but it is very successful. This is my first time to experience such a product. It got to me fast.

Yelda C. Yelda C

The most affordable aromatherapy brand. It is very easy to use and the lavender scent is very pleasant with the eucalyptus. I have found a serum that I can use every single day.

Aylin G. Aylin G.

I bought this product for the first time on the recommendation of a friend. I am very satisfied, it relaxes a lot and gives a feeling of spaciousness. I don't really use moisturizer. Delivery was fast.

Cansu K. Cansu K.

A product that makes you feel the healing of aromatherapy on your skin. It smells sweet and is very practical to use, especially in cold weather, in terms of meeting the moisture need of the skin. It makes your skin and yourself feel beautiful. The packaging is also very nice.

Our Story

Starting Point

Mitera Botanicals is founded by two Mediterranean women, one is a pharmacist and the other one is a business doctor. 

The wisdom, strength and joyous lifestyle of Mediterranean women were our guides from brand design to product packaging, from choosing organic essential oils to deciding on scent notes.



Aqua Serum series designed to extend your skincare throughout the day with easy to use midday support with lightweight serum spray. Actives as hyaluronic acid, glycerin and pure essential oils are formulated considering all skin types including sensitive skin. As the main difference from classic serums, prior face cleansing or rubbing with clean hand is not necessary. Mist and ready to-go! Office, home, school, beach or just before bed… Anytime anywhere!

Aqua serums will be an ally for your skin barrier all day with spontenous hydration and depollution;  A thin weightless but moisture packed hyaluronic acid layer ,as well as highly diluted potent 3 essential oils in every product.

Skincare On The Go: Spray it throughout the day to continue your hydrate and refresh your skin, regulate your mood with aromatherapy. No pre-cleansing or any other step needed, just spray it!

Minimalist Formula: Pure essential oils distributed in purified water, hyaluronic acid and glycerin. Less is more for skin.

Good for People & Planet: Made without dyes and alcohol, synthetic perfumes, parabens, silicones.  The bottle is %30 post consumer recycled plastic, meaning its already recycled before. Our products are and will be always vegan and cruelty-free.


Elegant scent of jasmine flower essential oil will balances your mood. A positive energy with the essential oil of eucalyptus and lemongrass goes on throughout the day.


While replenishing with fresh scent of eucalyptus essential oil, lavender essential oil will calm and relax you. Let Frankincense essential oil clear your mood from downplaying emotions.


Elevate your energy with the refreshing scent of lemongrass and citrus leaf essential oil! Nioli essential oil is a pure and natural ingredient that has been used for centuries to aid mental sharpness and focus.